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Premiere: Tunnelvisions – Hyperfocus [Disco Halal]

Following the release of the single of the same name, Dutch duo Tunnelvisions return to Disco Halal with new EP ‘Gold Teeth’, out on Friday 27th November. A three-track release, ‘Gold Teeth’ opens with an extended version of the title track, an infectiously feelgood house number, characterised by driving synths, busy percussion and catchy vocals. Next up, ‘Hyperfocus’ is a slow-burning progressive house cut that unfurls steadily across its six minutes. Closing things out, ‘Heat Wave’ harnesses an old-school house vibe, characterised by deep bass and fluttering percussive elements. Speaking about the EP, Tunnelvisions says: “We’re proud to present you our ... Read more

DHA FM Mix #458 by Tunnelvisions

With an unmistakable ear for imaginative melodic themes and entrancing rhythms, Tunnelvisions hits the sweet spot by seamlessly fusing worldly influences with analog synthesizers. Built upon Emiel’s formative house and techno beginnings and Raynor’s early encounters with synth-pop and songwriting, the duo has created a unique musical composition that travels both from the dance floor to the living room. A couple of years down the line, standout releases like ‘Guava’, ‘Channel Tropico’ and ‘The Celestial Ritual’ (with accompanying remix package), not only gained wide-spread acclaim from music aficionados and tastemakers alike but highlight Tunnelvisions’ constant quest to push boundaries and ... Read more

DHA Mix #375 By Tunnelvisions

With the newly released “Rituals II”, Tunnelvisions – one of dance music’s most exciting acts – again highlight their forward thinking approach to organic productions. With support coming from the likes of Adam Port, Tim Sweeney and Damian Lazarus, the accomplished Dutch duo continue to expand their sound, drawing from global influences. With the release out now, we thought it was hight time to get Tunnelvisions on board our mix series…and here they are! “Ritual II” is NOW AVAILABLE on Atomnation BUY

The Top 10: April 2018

It’s returned! Our top 10 tracks of each and every month as selected by our team here in Amsterdam. This month’s selections feature a healthy dose of our own features, alongside favorites like of Perel, Fango, and Terr, al of which find themselves frequently featured across DHA. What were some of your favorite tracks of the month that was? Fango – Sikhote – Degustibus Music Perel – Alles – DFA Records Krystal Clear – Neutron Dance Terr – Have you Ever (Dub Mix) – Permanent Vacation Ko Shin Moon & Simple Symmetry – Halay (Cornelius Doctor Lonley mix) – Hard ... Read more

Premiere: Tunnelvisions - Mbosa's Light (Original Mix)

2017 was the year where Tunnelvisions were introduced to the world via tracks like ‘Tanami’ and ‘Guava’. Since, artists like Adam Port, Tim Sweeney and Damian Lazarus have championed their music regularly, while the recently released Night Mix and Aera‘s remix for ‘Guava’ are still topping the charts. Now, Tunnelvisions are readying a new series of 4 EP’s to be released throughout 2018 and “Ritual I” is the first. Here, ‘Mbosa’s Light’, the first of its two tracks, has atypical vocal, percussion and melodies that is signature to their sound. “Ritual I” is available 13 April on Atomnation PRE ORDER

Premiere: Tunnelvisions - Bayuda (Original Mix)

Tunnelvisions (Raynor de Groot and Emiel van den Dungen) originated from a shared vision of contemporary club music. They believe that the club scene that is often focusing on a colder, abstract high-tempo sound needs to go back to a more organic approach. It’s one of the goals of their newly created Tunnelvisions project: “We aim to bring back the fun to the dance floor again”. This vision brought the two musicians together. Through hypnotic, exotic and grooving productions they tend to offer something new. In the studio, Tunnelvisions combines elements from South American, Caribbean and African sounds. With a ... Read more

Premiere: Tunnelvisions – Tanami (Original Mix)

Tunnelvisions is a new act by Dutch pals Emiel van den Dungen and Raynor de Groot. Together they produce slow, grooving psychedelic house music. ‘Tanami’ – their debut single – is named after a desert in the northern parts of Australia. No surprise, as their main source of inspiration is world music. ‘Tanami’ is available 21 April on Atomnation Soundcloud Label Page Page [soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/deep-house-amsterdam/premiere-tunnelvisions-tanami-original-mix” comments=”true” auto_play=”false” color=”E40045″ width=”100%” height=”166″]