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Supermarket Chain Lidl Now Sells Turntables

Next time you pass by your favourite budget vegetable shop for brocolli, consider getting yourself a set of turntables. The German discount supermarket Lidl is now stocking turntables. Coming with a pleasant price-tag (£50), thean all-in-one ION record player has a 3 Year Warranty, a playback system and is able to spin and convert 33¹⁄³, 45 and 78 rpm records. We have to say, next to that it’s quite a decent looking design. However Lidl is by far not the first supermarket to smell the vinyl resurgence, it begun with Wholefoods, Tesco, Aldi and Sainsbury’s selling vinyl. In any case, the accessibility of vinyl players, means a growing demand of vinyl. As a ... Read more

Record Store Vs IKEA: On a Quest to Create the Best Turntable Station

A record store owner from Brooklyn has created an all-thought-through turntable station that received generous support on Kickstarter. As the store owners say, the idea came up while struggling to find a piece of furniture worth to recommend [worth recommending] to put the turntables of the customer’s of their record store. We all know the typical laminated multiple box piece from IKEA, that can be found in the majority of houses of music fans. Others settle with a custom made, but often way more expensive piece of furniture or come up with their own creative solution; the options in the market ... Read more