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Mix #156 By Makcim

The latest edition of our mix series comes from Amsterdam based artist Makcim. This Russian born but Netherlands based DJ and producer takes his inspiration from an array of music.  Listening to Joy Division, Talking Heads, Depeche Mode, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Blondie and Jazz legends such as Miles Davis and Marcus Miller in his childhood, Makcim laid the foundations for a career in music early on. When he moved to the Netherlands at age 12 he already sensed that this might be his future profession. It really started, though, when Makcim started buying records in 1996, inspired by the sound of House music. ... Read more

A glimpse into Buiten Westen’s successful second edition

It’s difficult to try and capture the atmosphere of a music festival in words, especially as this is my first review of one. In all honesty I was relying on my backstage pass to enable me to win some information worthy of a good article and on my experience as a visitor from the previous year’s edition. So there I was, wide eyed, with notepad and all ready to experience this adult’s fairground called Buiten Westen. As I stepped on to the terrain, I noticed that the general mood was a positive one with hoards of mid-twenty something’s, scattered and ... Read more

Buiten Westen; out of the ordinary

Author: Safia Hamidat Only in its second year, excitement is gaining momentum for next week’s Buiten Westen festival, in Amsterdam’s Westerpark. Three elements that go hand in hand with this event include a ‘wide array’ of quality electronic music, artisanal cuisine and various cultural and creative initiatives. These aspects have contributed greatly to turning co-hosts, Next Monday’s Hangover, Pleinvrees and AIR’s vision, into reality. Six local music collectives; Rekorder, BlackOut, PaardenKracht, VBX, NMH and Pleinvrees will each host a stage, represented by DJs who embody their take on contemporary electronic music. [vimeo id=”67287300″ width=”620″ height=”360″] An example of such is ... Read more