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Dutch Company Produces Environmentally Friendly Vinyl

World may learn a few things from the Netherlands, when it comes to environmentalism. From choosing bikes as the main choice of transport to vinyl production. Thus here is where one producer in Harm, the south of Netherlands, came to the rescue with his environmentally friendly vinyl production process. Little did we know how harmful to the environment were our vinyl collections… While the usual production process includes using PVC materials. Now these are pretty scary. Considering they are one of todays most commonly used plastics, as Greenpeace reports, their production involves some of the most hazardous synthetic toxic chemicals, including a host of additives to ... Read more

These Tips Will Keep Your Vinyl Proper Each And Every Time

In the digital age, it may be a difficult concept to grasp that tangible objects require an amount of care to extend life and quality. With the vinyl revival in full swing, dirty, dust, and grime can prove to be the death of your (possibly new) collection. Luckily, maintaining your vinyl brings on a variety of options, many of which require just a little time, and not too much money. With that, Digital Trends has put together a handy list of options to help you keep your precious vinyl’s without pops and cracks. Seperated by machine (more expensive) and by ... Read more

The World’s Most Valuable Vinyl Records

As it is Record Store Day Black Friday (I’ll spare my own personal views on the uber-consumerism that is this unofficial holiday), we came across 11 of the world’s most valuable records. Per Pitchfork, the first quarter of 2015 saw a 53% increase in vinyl sales from the same period in 2014. Furthermore, since 2006, vinyl sales have increased 600% from 1 million to 6 million. So, with the vinyl industry enjoying a massive (and continuous) spike in sales this year, it is inevitable that more and more music lovers are turning back to the vintage model to experience music ... Read more

Record Store Vs IKEA: On a Quest to Create the Best Turntable Station

A record store owner from Brooklyn has created an all-thought-through turntable station that received generous support on Kickstarter. As the store owners say, the idea came up while struggling to find a piece of furniture worth to recommend [worth recommending] to put the turntables of the customer’s of their record store. We all know the typical laminated multiple box piece from IKEA, that can be found in the majority of houses of music fans. Others settle with a custom made, but often way more expensive piece of furniture or come up with their own creative solution; the options in the market ... Read more

How Many BPM’s Can You Cycle?

Spin the wheels & spin the record now is not only just a linguistic game. A designer trio (Merel Sloother, Liat Azulay and Pieter Frank de Jong) from the Netherlands (no surprise), married their love for bikes and vinyls and created a prototype of a bike that generates music while pedalling. Feats Per Minute is a beautiful prototype made by reconstructing an original German Alpina bicycle from the mid 80s, which is debuting on the Dezeen Platform in London on the 9th of October. Slick black and serious as Matrix’ Neo’ s coat, the bike’s frame makes an appearance just as much as ... Read more

Amsterdam-based Shop “Vinylify” Prints Your Personalised Vinyl Records

Situated in centre-south of Amsterdam, a record shop doesn’t aim to sell records with big names. Neither it looks like a typical record store stacked with records from the past. Vinylify is a start-up that prints personalised vinyl records. In other words, anyone can put their record on wax without even having a record deal. See also: Fund, Design, and Press Vinyl Independently With QRATES This service is not the first one on the market, but it stands out with its user-friendly online ordering process: upload, choose your own cover art and order. One personalised record will cost 50 euros ... Read more

This Artist Uses His Albums To Remix Record Sleeves

Visual artist, DJ, and composer Christian Marclay can add another title to his impressive resume, album collage artist. Per his Wikipedia page, Marclay’s work explores connections between sound, noise, photography, video, and film. He is a pioneer of using gramophone records and turntables as musical instruments to create sound collages. Marclay is, in the words of critic Thom Jurek, perhaps the “unwitting inventor of turntablism.” His own use of turntables and records, beginning in the late 1970s, was developed independently of but roughly parallel to hip hop’s use of the instrument. With that in mind, it is no surprise that ... Read more