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Premiere: Sevensol & Bender - Driftwood (Original Mix)

Founders of the long-running label KANN Records, Leipzig’s Sevensol and Bender bring their latest outing with an elegant three track EP that slides the classic house feel into a contemporary dance robe. Both artists are veterans of the scene, having manned record shops, thrown club-nights, producing and DJing solo or as part of the duo Manamana (Sevensol + Map.ache) in venues and festivals which include Panorama Bar, Robert Johnson, IFZ, De School, Corsica Studios, Heidegl├╝hen, Nachtdigital and Waking Life. Here, off “Das Ideale Geschenk,” ‘Driftwood’ glides along, smoothly underpinned by a solid electro backbone. “Das Ideale Geschenk” is available 16 ... Read more