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Brazilian Powerhouse Renato Ratier Announces New Album

Brazilian Producer, DJ, D-Edge club owner and label boss Renato Ratier is back with second full length album, “Youniverse” on October 2016. Not only does Renato Ratier handle the internationally famed Warung and D Edge clubs, but he is also a DJ known around the world for his slick selections and a producer who provides many club highlights, working with the likes of Gui Boratto, Stimming and PillowTalk. This new ten track album touches on many different and equally lush house styles and is laced with ambient soundscapes, subtle synths and absorbing pads. Check out the premiere of ‘Dispersion’ below, ... Read more

D.Edge Podcast By Renato Ratier

To celebrate the 15 year existence of Brazil’s underground clubbing haven D.Edge, we have invited the driving force behind the esteemed club for a special podcast, exclusively containing records from the D.Edge record label.¬†With refined technique and dance floor perception since 1996, Renato Ratier stands for quality music to growing audiences.¬† By playing alongside some of the best and most celebrated international artists as well as bringing them to Brasil, Renato has definitely put the country in the global route of the cream of the crop of electronic music. Over 500 international DJs under his wing, besides many gigs in ... Read more