Exclusive Interview with Nick Monaco

“Seriously, Amsterdam is overflowing with beautiful women. Must be something in the Haring..” Nick Monaco is here to take you back…. and move you forth. Raised in the California Bay area, Nick proved he was made for music from a young age. Rocking house parties is how Nick spent most weekends in his not so distant adolescence. Thank G-O-D for out of town parents! While his peers fussed over iPod playlists, Monaco busted in with crates of wax and brought down the spot, learning to win the crowds in true school style. Next to becoming more and more handy behind the ... Read more

Party Tips: Jan 16 / 19

Another week with another weekend ful of sweet parties. Which ones to choose? We’ll make it easy for you with our selection of party tips. Thursday WKND with Melon, Interstellar Funk, Tijn Benedek & L’Atelier WKND has pulled off another wicked line-up for a Thursday evening. ‘Don’ Melon will be playing next to up-and-comers Interstellar Funk, Tijn Benedek & L’Atelier. Let the house train roll! Melon | Interstellar Funk | Tijn Benedek | L’Atelier | January 16th | WKND | Studio 80 | Friday CookieClub with Mario Basanov, Homework, Cleavage & WNDWLCKRS One of our favourite artists of the moment ... Read more

Mix #086 by Tim Hoeben

Let’s start off the week with a deep creation by Tim Hoeben. Tim has become a household name in the Amsterdam clubbing circuit over the past years. Having played many gigs, at nearly all the relevant venues, he has crafted a unique sound that is a more than welcome addition to the Amsterdam DJ guild. From deep to tech, from Chicago to Detroit, Tim’s dj-sets are all about house music. Combining the classic with the new, always looking for the thick bassline and groovy percussions. With his own sound, and a stage performance worth mentioning, Tim won himself both the ... Read more