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Movement Croatia Podcast + Interview By D’Julz

D’Julz has been at the forefront of electronic music since his career began in France back in 1992. His legendary Bass Culture night at Rex Club, Paris has been running for almost two decades, one of the longest running event in the club’s history, also spawning D’Julz’s highly successful eponymous record label. Of course, with such a lengthy and prolific career, D’Julz has also released his production work on a slew of the world’s best imprints (Circus Company, Robsoul, Ovum, Rekids, 20:20 Vision) while bringing his sound to club’s around the world (Fabric, Panorama Bar, Output, Womb, Circoloco). With the ... Read more

Japanese Government Eases Infamous ‘Dancing Ban’

Relief is spreading through Japanese club scene at the moment, as the infamous Fueiho law has been revised by the government. The “no-dancing” law was in place since 1948 and prohibited most club goers to move to the music they were listening to. In 2014 a similar bill was proposed to the Japanese government but was discarded. Now, one year later, the proposal for the adjustment of the judicial antiquity was approved by the cabinet. See also: Japanese Dance Ban (2014) Specifically, the Fueiho law Japan made no clear distinction between nightclubs and adult entertainment venues, where dancing is prohibited. ... Read more