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Batch Of 100 ‘Minion XTC Pills’ Seized By Chilean Police

Chilean customs authorities have intercepted at least 100 xtc tablets shaped like Minions that were creatively – and quite ironically – hidden in a children’s drawing kit. The pills have been produced in the Netherlands, after which the batch had made its way to the Chilean town of Vina del Mar. Metro reports that two men, one Chilean and one Argentine, were pointed to as the owners by local authorities and have been put under house arrest for now. The Minion character was first introduced in the Despicable Me cartoon films, after which the adorable yellow subordinates of the movies’ returning antagonist got ... Read more

These New Haribo Gummies Look An Awful Lot Like XTC Pills

Haribo, the world famous German confectionary company, has launched their latest gummy sweets in Germany, and they are DJ themed…and look exactly like XTC. The sweets, called DJ Brause Sauer or “DJ Sherbert” (roughly) and comes with a “slight acidic taste”. The sweets themselves are larger than your “conventional” pill, and feature a thick sugar coating, which I’m assuming is the “fizz” aspect. The sweets colourful packaging features an anthrpomorphized gummy DJing on a setup that includes the sweets pressing, which are meant to represent the buttons on a turntable like play, pause, etc, and come in flavours from herbal ... Read more

Dutch Health Institute Warns For Deadly ‘ADE Pill’

The Dutch health institute Trimbos has just issued a warning statement against a highly dangerous ‘ADE pill’ that is currently in circulation. It is supposed to contain twice as much MDMA as “regular” XTC pills. Trimbos says that the pill is in circulation throughout the Netherlands and that there are different types of the ADE pill. That is why the institute has just signalled a ‘red-alert’, as taking a pill with these levels of MDMA “could be lethal“. So far there are no known victims of the ADE pill. Update: The square, light yellow, ADE pill comes in several variants, with ... Read more

The Man Who Took 40.000 XTC Pills In His 20’s

A study from 2006 discovered by NY Mag revealed a pretty extraordinary case. Dr. Christos Kouimtsidis, of the London Psychiatry center had been studying a patien, mr. A., who had reported to be suffering from memory loss and limited mental capabilities. The answer to his issues were found pretty quickly however, as mr. A. declared to have been taking XTC at an alarming rate and quantity during his 20s. When he had to make an estimation on just how much XTC he had taken during this period, he came to a figure of 40.000 pills. See also: Full Study Mr. ... Read more

British Police Warn Of Dangerous XTC Pill After Recent Death

British police forces have issued a warning of deadly XTC pill after one 45-year-old English man lost his life recently. Authorities fear the pill has  been shipped into the country by the thousands. Clubbers have been instructed to be vigilant when purchasing party drugs. See also: Six More Hospitalised In UK After Taking Dangerous UPS Pill Britain has been terrorised by bad pills for a longer period of time, but one police insider described the effects of the turquoise pills shaped like a shield as extraordinarily dangerous. The constable stated that: “Tests are being done on the recovered tablets at ... Read more

Staff Caught Taking XTC On The Job At Australian Nightclub

There doesn’t seem to be an end to the amount of drug-excess stories coming in from Australia. The Imperial Hotel in Erskineville, Australia, was forced to temporarily close by the police this weekend after it was found that staff of the nightclub, situated in the hotel, were taking XTC on the job. “The police raided the hotel on Saturday night and charged two staff members with taking XTC while serving drinks to guests” On Friday, The Office of Liquor, Gaming, and Racing carried out a targeted operation last weekend after the Imperial Hotel’s nightclub, ‘The Spice Cellar’, had been reported ... Read more

Kickstarter Campaign Started To Fund ‘MDMA The Movie’

A kickstarter campaign has been initiated to start a bold project: the first feature-length film about MDMA, called MDMA The Movie. The film is supposed to cover all different aspects of the partydrug like its effects, short-and long-term, the cultural background of the substance and the rise of XTC-related fatalities at dance music events. To complete the second phase of production the filmmakers say they need $100.000. The goal of the film is to create fair and balanced awareness on, seen as the mainstream media’s coverage on XTC and MDMA is predominantly one-sided and negative. MDMA The Movie dives into ... Read more

Six More People Hospitalized After Taking Strong ‘UPS’ Pill

This weekend six more people in the UK have been hospitalized after taking the notorious UPS ecstasy pills. The pills, which are reportedly only still in circulation in the UK, have an extremely high dosage of MDMA and are three times as strong as regular tablets. Some pills even carry 275 mg of MDMA. A statement by police authorities read that multiple clubbers fell ill at The Medicine Bar in Middlesbrough after taking the tablets. The pills don’t cause harm the way, PMA pills would. This doesn’t mean that the effects are not alarming. Users experience extreme overheating, so the ... Read more

A Hard Pill to Swallow: “The Agony of Ecstasy”

Adding to the debate on drugs that seems so often to revolve around dance culture, the Australian broadcaster ABC2 has released a new documentary: The Agony of Ecstasy. Named after Irving Stone’s postmodern 1961 biography of Michelangelo, the film tracks Lise, a 28-year old former raver, as she explores the impacts of two years of weekly ecstasy use. Pondering her current battles with mental illness, it gives voice to a human dilemma rarely heard over the fear mongering and denialism that so often dominates the debate on drugs. Beyond that, it explores an important issue that deserves further attention. We ... Read more


Scottish police have issued a warning against a new batch of highly dangerous PMA pills that is circulating British nightlife. The pill can be identified by its pink colour and the Superman logo. This latest story is but one in many over the last years where we have seen many incidents resulting in serious hospital visits and even some very sad cases where people have died because of the fake XTC pills. But in the last year the problem has started to grow immensely.  Put aside whatever opinion you have on drug-taking, because what we’re talking about here isn’t a ... Read more