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Live Stream The BPM Festival 10th Anniversary Action

After a record breaking 2016, world-renowned streaming service BE-AT.TV is going bigger than ever right out of the gates of 2017.  By partnering with The BPM Festival and their sponsors Bud Light Mexico, they’ll present over 90 artists from 18 day and night events LIVE from the beautiful Mayan Riviera.  Fans will enjoy the best music and experiences live and on-demand from wherever they are in the world in High Definition and across any mobile, desktop or internet enabled TV device. This year it’ll be even easier for fans to watch their favorite artists because, in addition to streaming sets ... Read more

Return To “Hell’s Club”, The Club Your Favorite Characters Go To Chill

After last year’s super trippy, and even more super-edited youtube video, the infamous Hell’s Club mashup is back, this time welcoming even more of your favorite fictional characters. Deemed as “a place where all fictional characters meet. Outside of time. Outside of all logic.”, Hell’s Club Part Two: Another Night sees the likes of Groot, Scarface, Howard the Duck, The Terminator, The Leprechaun, Steven Seagal, Snake Pliskin, James Dean, 3 different James Bonds, Freddy Krueger, that guy from Ghost, Titanic era Leo & Kate, RoboCop, and many, many more, getting down to the electro funk sounds of Daft Punk in ... Read more

YouTube’s Streaming Service To Charge iOS Users An ‘Apple Tax’

YouTube is getting into the competitive market of paid music and video streaming services with their new YouTube Red app. For ten bucks a month, you can watch YouTube wherever you want (online or offline) and without advertisements. Most importany of all, Red subscribers will be able to actually see more content than non-paying viewers. News has also just come out that because of Apple’s taking 30% of all in-app purchases, YouTube has raised the monthly fee for iOS users to $12,99 instead of $9,99. It seems a tad unfair to actually let the user pay for Apple and YouTube’s nitpicking. YouTube ... Read more

Discwoman Seeks To Change The (Male-Dominated) Conversation

It is of no real surprise that the current state of dance music is a male dominated industry. Take a look at any festival lineup and you will see the vast majority of bookings are (white) men. In fact, some 82% of festival lineups are made of male artists, including a whopping 96.5% of Las Vegas’ Electric Daisy Carnival (considered to be the preeminent US festival destination). Looking to balance the field, a Brooklyn, New York collective of female DJ’s, Discwoman, have brought female-identified talent to lineups throughout North America, including New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Montreal, and Puerto Rico. Founded by ... Read more

A Day At The Park Festival 2013

A Day at The Park Festival 2013 On Saturday the 13th of July Amsterdam’s beautiful woodland area will be the backdrop of the truly special and endeared A Day At The Park music festival. In its sixth year, Evotions invites twenty four renowned local and international DJ’s to perform across four stages. They will be the focus as they entertain the dedicated music crowd with various styles of House, melodic techno and nu-disco sounds.  A Day At The Park is unique and it has been successful in creating a chilled out festival vibe by combining green natural surroundings, quality electronic ... Read more