Remember some time ago we mentioned these guys came up with an idea to create the most obscure must-have card game for the techno scenesters: Berghain ze Game? A game based around the legendary line to the notorious party institution Berghain, and it’s characters. So the news is, it’s out for sale, the ‘Earlybird’ version costs 15.77 and its by far the most amusing pre-party entertainment after dressing up.

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The game is both fun and educational, since as the creators say in their Kickstarter page:

We wanted to make a gateway game that both non-gamers and game night veterans can enjoy. It’s a light filler game that mixes strategy and luck. It’s also a love letter to the techno scene and a really fun way to learn more about gay culture.

The goal of the game is to collect the most obscure crowd at the line, the weirder the crowd the more points one gets. And with the imagination of the creators, the crowd indeed gets exciting with characters such as “Ketamine Friend”, “Leather Daddy”, “Fag Hag”, “Tourist” and all the other memorabilia.

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