Recently we reported on a possible reissue of one of the releases from Black Cock, the half-serious disco edit imprint set up by DJ Harvey and Gerry Rooney. The reason for this were the “silly prices” that some people were asking for the various Black Cock editions offered on Discogs – some of which go as high as 500 euros. 

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In general Discogs terms, this is really nothing new: in recent years people have numbed to the odd skyrocketing price tag that comes along with rare VA’s or mint condition first pressings of legendary records.

That’s why we sought out which are the most wanted house records at the moment (‘most wanted’ meaning the highest number of people that have publicly signalled to want a specific record on Discogs), and what the steepest (vinyl) asking price is for each one of them. Big surprise was that no.1 in this list comes from Dutch soil!

Source: Discogs

#10 M.K. ‎– Burning (1991) | Highest asking price: €90,-


#09 Earth People ‎– Dance (1990) | Highest asking price: €110,-


#08 Adonis ‎– No Way Back (1986) | Highest asking price: €206,-


#07 Ron Trent ‎– The Afterlife (1990) | Highest asking price: €140,-


#06 Hardrive ‎– Deep Inside (1993) | Highest asking price: €75,-