Commonly referred to as the “Rolls Royce” of synths, the Synclavier Synth will now be available for download as an app.

The app, created by Arturia, recreates the famous New England Digital synth that featured on a variety of 80s classic (like George Michael’s ‘Faith’ and, more prominently, Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’) will be available directly from the Arturia web shop. Now, the price tag on this one is a hefty $199, but compared to its $200,000 physical price its something of a bargain.

The Arturia Synclavier Synth app was created using the original synths software, giving users a very similar experience to the analogue version. At the time, the Synclavier was one of the most advanced synths available, notable for combining additive synthesis techniques with frequency modulation and featuring the first 16-bit digital sampling system.

Check out the company’s launch video below for more information.