The music director at Chicago’s Smart Bar, America’s longest running independent music venue, The Black Madonna, brings, what could be called the perfect introduction to the origins of what made Chicago House the way that we know it now.

This track selection by The Black Madonna includes the international roots of the sounds that shaped the distinctive style of Chicago house. What makes it more special, is that each track comes with an introduction by one of the most sought after DJs at the moment. Thus, aside from the music highlights itself, you can expect to hear comments like ‘the tune Derrick Carter played at his prom’.

Surprisingly though, The Black Madonna, a.k.a Marea Stampler gained international recognition as one of the greatest ones behind the decks quite lately. Even though she has been playing since college, selling records from the car in her teenage years in Chicago and in general has been around the scene for a while. In December of 2012, Smart Bar announced the The Black Madonna as a new resident, along with Derrick Carter and the late Frankie Knuckles and in just a year she became the music director of the club.

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Besides being a DJ, a producer and running the music side of the Smart Bar, Marea is recognised as one of the most outspoken personas in the dance music world. Never sparing to voice herself on equality, tolerance regarding LGTB, black community and women in dance music. Thus all mentioned, it makes her the perfect commentator on a mix like this.