Yesterday night saw the opening of De School, the unofficial successor to Club Trouw, exactly one year after Amsterdam’s clubbing Mecca closed its doors. The hype surrounding the club was sizeable to say the least, with tickets for the opening and every other event scheduled for the coming weeks selling out within a matter of minutes after going online. 

So, can De School fill the void that Trouw has left behind? The short answer is yes. If we are to believe ex-Trouw resident JP Enfant, whom we spoke to for this item, and the select group of ticket holders, this might be that new nightly refuge that Amsterdam has been waiting for. 

“I’m not exaggerating when I say that this could be my new home”

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Yesterday the opening event kicked off, with Jennifer Cardini and Job Jobse on the bill, both playing 5 hour sets, which will be custom for De School club nights. JP Enfant – who will be playing at De School for the first on the 13th of February, together with Giegling’s Konstantin – was already excited about the De School’s location while it was still under heavy renovation, but has now seen the place in action. “Honestly, it has exceeded my every expectation”, he tells us, “the feeling I got there was natural and organic, everything just felt right, the energy, the sound, the space itself. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this could well be my new home”.

Next to the great sound and energy of the club (the sound system is actually the Funktion 1 system of Trouw), one of the most distinct characteristics, JP found, were all the different little rooms and corners that can be found spread out through the club: “It’s a very liberating place. You don’t have the feeling that you need to be on the dance floor. You can just go and have your own little adventure to discover all the in and outs of the place, and just relax and hang out wherever you please.” The dance floor itself follows the same kind of mentality, being directly surrounded by places to sit and lounge and still be able to enjoy the music to the fullest.

Yesterday’s visitors were equally excited about the club and have left lyrical comments on the event page. Below you can find a small selection of them.

It appears that De School has successfully faced up to a hype that seemed to spiral out of control in the last months. The coming period will be pivotal in seeing if this momentum can be held for the long run. For now though, we suggest that you pay De School a visit, if you can get your hands on some tickets, that is.

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