The Next Festival Must Have Item Might Be This Portable Hot Tub

The Hydro Hammock may be the answer to the all to real sanitary needs of music festivals, especialy those of a multi day format.

Described as a multifunctional hammock, portable hot tub, waterbed and outdoor shower system – the highly portable device will make any festival trip simpler, more comfortable, and most importantly, more sanitary.

Per the product website, the Hydro Hammock’s are “durable and portable hammocks ready for soothing hot or cool refreshing water,” going on to describe its technical and environmental specifics as:

Equipped with a portable water heater system, LPG or electric. Hydro Hammocks require less water than bathtubs and have a slip resistant texture. The shapes are adjustable and are easy to set up either fully or partially suspended. The Hammock material is a sealed synthetic high-tensile-strength fabric. This model of the Hydro Hammock can easily support the weight of 50 gallons of water and two adults, though only 20 gallons of water are needed for an amazing quality bath“.

Though the Hydro Hammock is still in Kickstarter funding phase, deliveries are expected to begin in September with two models to choose from, the single or double layer hammock. The hammocks run between $480-$680 and also require the purchase of compatible (gas powered) heater system. Though a tad pricey, especially factoring in gas costs, the company promises solar and electric heating systems in the future.

Find Hydro Hammock on Kickstarter for savings of 30%-50% HERE