Sound artist Kaffe Matthews contribution to her ongoing Music for Bodies research project is an immersive Sonic Bed.

Described by Matthews as,

“These [beds], with speakers immersed in their upholstery, create situations that transform the listening experience for the sitter into a stimulating and sensual massage, turning ‘weird’ or ‘boring’ music into something meaningful. All kinds of people would queue for hours, have very different experiences and talk of the musical as well as physical and psychological sensations they have had afterwards.”

The bed is similar to an isolation chamber, with a 12 channel high fidelity speaker system embedded throughout its large wooden framework. The environment is meant for music to be experienced at the full body level perfect for meditative experiences within the home.

For now, the bed is simply an art project, the fifth of its kind from Matthews who has previosuly only exhibited the project. Check the video below for more info on the beds construction.

Source: DA