What do you know about the techno sound of Rome? What do you know about Rome? Just like in the eyes of Fellini or Sorrentino, for us Rome associates with beauty and hedonism and since the day the Romans built the city was they referred to it as a woman. Therefore, we were tempted to ask a Roman at birth, resident of one of Rome’s finest dance club’s – Goa Club to tell us about the sound of Rome. In addition there is a certain aesthetic appeal to the techno sound of this city being narrated by the talented redhead woman of Rome – DJ Red.
But first let me introduce you with – Simona Calvani and what several of her particularities. Aside being a resident of the Goa Club since ’98, she is one of the few DJs relying on vinyl on her shows, with her other foot immersed in producing. Her track “Rame” of her very first release was included in Cocoon’s “Green and Blue” compilation, while for the last five years the artist joined Ellen Allien‘s BPitch Control label. Her most recent release – Raw Cacao – is a monument of DJ Red’s minimal techno style and throbbing basslines. It came out this November on Wolfskull records along with a remix of her perfect match –  Ricardo Villalobos.
She names her inspirations coming from Autechre, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, LFO, Mous on Mars, Pansonic and this is her mantra: “Creation is at the base of everything, energy that transforms in something special. A flow created by the artist, which is received by the public as a message, an object or a sound. A flow that goes back to the artist as feedback from the public.”  Thus with no further introduction
– the sound of Rome curated by DJ Red:
Very happy to share this selection of music from Rome, I love my city and I love its sound. Most of the artists are also friends, and have a great respect for all of them.
I feel like the sound from Rome has a kind of uniformed soul. It’s been then natural for me to think the track sequence as it could be mixed together for a good listening as a whole.

Brando Lupi – The Attitude

“The Attitude” is a beautiful techno hypnotic journey, perfect for sitting in the nature with thousands of people dancing around.

Claudio Fabrianesi – The Age

“The Age” is a electronic ambient psychedelic music journey; you only need to sit comfortable and listen to it to reconnect with your inner-self.

Dino Sabatini – Trance State

Its title “Trance State” is very fitting, its sound takes you into a state of trance, especially if listened in the right occasion… I love its drum arrangements and Middle-East like arpeggios.

Donato Dozzy – Vaporwave 07

The whole album is lovely! “Vaporware 07” is a special track, very emotional, it’s one of those tunes that touch your soul, good both for the hearth and ears. Thank you Donato!

VSK – Lithops

“Lithops” is dark hypnotic techno without compromises, this is one of the track that I play now in my sets and always creates a good vibe.

Giorgio Gigli – Reflections

I do love this Giorgio’s “Reflections”, it has a deep, dark techno sound, perfect at the beginning of the night, a pure mind trip.

Fabrizio Lapiana – Dfract

“Dfract” is also a pure techno track, listen to it in a dark club on a Funktion one sound system, there you can properly get it!

Lory D – Abruct Interruption

“Abruct Interruption” is timeless and very contemporary at the same time, although released in 1998. Techno, electro, and a strong acid bassline don’t allow you to stay still. A true dancefloor bomb from Lorenzo, the Roman acid maestro.

Luigi Tozzi – Wadjet

This track is almost mystique, another hypnotic techno journey. It makes you float towards unknown destinations.

Maurizio Cascella & Joe Casagrande – Synchronized

Everytime I pull this record out I think how much I love it. “Synchronized” has been put out in 2006 via Elettronica Romana label. Perfect to dance.

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