Our top 10 tracks of each and every month as selected by our team here in Amsterdam.

This month’s selections feature a healthy dose of our own features, alongside favorites like of Fango, Perel, Khidja all of which find themselves frequently featured across DHA. What were some of your favorite tracks of the month that was?

Hardway Bros – Friendman Feedback Loop Revision (Max Pask Remix) [Throne of Blood]

Kolomensky – Made It Work [ИДА]

Pin Up Club – Naoshima (Perel Remix) [Phantasm Records]

Locked Club & RLGN – Osaka Madness [TRAM Planet

Pepe – Quicksand [Renascence]

Feon – The Sun Is High [Optimo Music]

Khidja – Am I Really Here [Malka Tuti]

Autarkic – Wipe The Shame feat. Xen (Red Axes Remix) [Disco Halal]

The Juan Maclean – What Do You Feel Free About? (Man Power Remix) [DFA Records]

Fango – GEA [Degustibus Music]