By 2015, Bluetooth speakers are nothing new, but Om Audio has created what may well be the future of wireless audio with the world’s first hovering speaker system.

As introduced by the team in the video below, the OM/ONE is as striking in its aesthetics as it is in functionality.  With a hovering orb, controlled via magnetic base, the system not only acts as an in home/studio piece, but also as a palm sized portable speaker capable of 12 hours of battery life.

Sound-wise, OM/ONE has had a history of cutting edge quality that began with the award winning INEARPIECE. Instead of wasting amplification energy pushing sound waves into a desk, bookshelf, or table, all of the OM/ONEs amplification energy is directed to the speaker driver to create full, crisp, and clear sound.  This enables OM/ONE to deliver audio performance far beyond its size.  OM/ONE outputs a full 105 decibels with a 3 watt RMS amplifier.  This also gives OM/ONE industry leading battery life without sacrificing audio performance, and all for the affordable price of $199.

Available in either jet black or glacier white, OM/ONE is as iconic in design as it is in audio fidelity.  To make things even better, a portion of the OM/ONE proceeds goes toward the IMMUNITY Project, dedicated to creating a free HIV vaccine.

Source: Om Audio