Yes, Yes, I know. It’s an article related to drugs but not necessarily related to dance music but sometimes in life things are presented for inexplicable reasons, and helping yourself through a bad trip is one of them.

So, with that, I present to you Tripsit, a new website that aims to help people who may be experiencing the negative side of the psychedelic experience (aka thinking you may very well die). Self described as “a positive place for drug users to discuss safe substance use,” Tripsit provides easy to digest fact sheets and informational resources specifically designed to alleviate the onset of anxiety introduced my the likes of LSD and Magic Mushrooms.

Some of the information presented includes data on dosage recommendations, drug synergy, and even has a Wiki and a chatroom where users can interact with each other and professionals. Tripsit also comes in mobile form with an Android app, perfect for those on-site experiences at the festival or club. With a noticably positive approach to positivity, Tripsit simply asks for two things: Keep a constructive attitude, and no solicitation.

Take a look at the Drug Combinations info below (for a wider version find HERE), to get an idea about what Tripsit is all about.