Lego, is there anything the little coloured blocks can’t do?

Every few weeks it seems like we report on a new piece of equipment, or something that is just plain fun, from the famed bricklayers, whether that be a fully functioning turntable, a Glastonbury stage recreation, miniature Moogs, or an analogue techno machine.

Now, the rounds are being made with the discovery of Berlin’s Daniel Mueller, who has let the word in on his Eurorack modular synth cases made of, you guess it, Legos. Unfortunately, Daniel is not selling the cases, but he has posted to his flickr page, with the intention to inspire:

“I am building cases for my music gear for a while now and just finished my second Lego Technic Eurorac Case,” says Mueller. “It is very stable and lightweight…and because of the fact that is build of Lego it is modular…that means you can attach more parts or change the depth, height,length…”

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Source: Synthtopia