In the digital age, it may be a difficult concept to grasp that tangible objects require an amount of care to extend life and quality.

With the vinyl revival in full swing, dirty, dust, and grime can prove to be the death of your (possibly new) collection. Luckily, maintaining your vinyl brings on a variety of options, many of which require just a little time, and not too much money. With that, Digital Trends has put together a handy list of options to help you keep your precious vinyl’s without pops and cracks. Seperated by machine (more expensive) and by hand (not as expensive), here are a handful of tips and gadgets to keep your Sunday afternoon spinning round and round:

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By Machine

There are many options available for vinyl cleaning machines (just see, HERE, HERE & HERE) but both the VPI (high end) and the below HW-15 span just about as wide a spectrum as needed for machine washers.


VPI HW-16.5 ($700)

Here, the VPI-HW-16-5 allows a record to be clamped down on the turntable. Once that is done, use a brush to spread cleaning fluid on the vinyl, then simply use the cleaner’s vacuum to suck it all up.

Spin Clean ($75)

A far cheaper option is a Spin-Clean. Though it lacks vacuum, it will easily get dust off a record. The simple device uses rollers to scrub both sides of a record at the same time, and drain the dirty water down into a basin.

By Hand

Of course, our machine overlords can make all our daily woes a little easier, but nothing truly works like some good old fashioned handy work. So, if you don’t feel like spending even $75 on a cleaning robot, just follow these easy steps for fresh vinyl that you can say you did all by yourself.


Cloth & Liquid

Pretty straight forward with cleaning fluid for records is easy enough to find. But, if you don’t want to run al the way to the local record shop, you can brew up your own concoction using the below recipe

– three parts distilled water
– one part isopropyl alcohol
– a few drops of rinse agent

Carbon Fiber Brush

Let your record play and sweep the brush over it as it spins. A (light) brushing before every spin will keep larger concentrations of dust away.

Cleaning Mat

A cheap alternative to cleaning on your, possibly expensive, turntable is the cleaning mat. Usually they will have a spindle to hold the record and are made of a soft material to not to scratch.

Wood Glue

Requiring patience, but with an immaculate payoff, wood glue may be the best hand-cleaning approach to vinyl upkeep. Drizzle the wood glue around the record as it gently spins on a turntable (see featured image). Once you have enough glue on the record, spread it around gently, making sure to cover the entire surface of the vinyl. Then, let it dry (for roughly 24 hours). Then, grab the edge of the glue and slowly peel it off the record.