Sometimes a little gesture goes a long way with safety, and the recently launched COMPANION app launched mid 2015 aims to make the walk home alone just that.

Especially for women, the ‘safely home!’ text is a great outcome and it’s something we all should do.
Because even the simple act of walking home after dark is just too dangerous.

Here’s how it works. Let Companion sync with select contacts in your phone book, which also allows them to track your location. Once the user reaches home a text is sent automatically to alert your companion that you have reached your destination safely. Companion also makes dialling contacts and the police easy with one touch dialling should anything go wrong. Finally, should your pace increase, headphones forced out, or phone drops to the ground, the app will do a quick 15 second check. Should a user not respond it will also alert your contacts.

Obviously, there may be some concerns of privacy as well as practically; what happens if your companions simply fall asleep, for one but, unfortunately, these days, anything that can make someone feel safer, ultimately allows for more people to be able to truly enjoy a night out. Check the video below for a bit more information on Companion and how to keep your friends safe. With over 1,000,000 users, Companions is well on it’s way to become an important part in making the walk back home safer. For companions it’s a small gesture that can help prevent harassment, robbery or anything else that could harm your friends on their way back home. Let’s keep our friends safe!