Step it up Roland, competition is in town! Who needs a smartphone app to be able to make music on the go, when you can take carry around a syntheziser in your pocket?

No seriously this awesomely cute synthesiser is so small you’ll probably lose it in the back of your sofa. Tiny TS with a 1-octave keyboard, that fits into your wallet, is an absolute must have for anyone from a proper synth-head to that about-to-get-his-break-through composer!

It’s entirely open sourced and, just like your dream girlfriend’s bust x waist, goes by the measures of 100 x 65, just in millimetres. But what is best, is that this miniature synth has an Audio/CV/Gate outputs so you can plug in and play easily and go wild creative with that 1 octave keyboard (at the end its all about the looping anyway!).


All jokes aside, if you are into coding, or always wanted to try and into DIY projects and like many humans, like music, this could be a really awesome weekend project. The Tiny TS comes as DIY kit that is available as a fully constructed package, with all the parts you can assemble.

The creator, Jan Ostman made it sure that his Tiny TS (whoaaa, no judgement, it’s not about the size!) can be used with other oscillator chips that he’s created, since it has a 6 synth parameter dials built in so that you can play with the sound you choose and the CV’s output 1V/oct and Gate.

The prebuilt kit costs $60 (it’s a real synth in the end!), but there are various cheaper options based on different build levels. Limited selection available in this DSP Synth website (built in the absolute winner give-zero-f*cks-design style) but the guys also have an Indiegogo campaign, raising money to distribute more models, where you also can order a Tiny TS synth.

The synthesizer parameter knobs are:

  • DCO: Coarse pitch and Double. The CV out follows the keyboard and coarse pitch.
  • DCF: Filter peak and ENVmod.
  • ENV: Attack and Release affecting amplitude.

You can buy the pre-built kit and start playing as soon as you get it for $60 or for various cheaper prices at the different build levels. A limited selection are available from the DSP Synth website and an Indiegogo campaign is raising money to distribute more models where you can order a Tiny TS synth.

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