Let’s introduce you to another stellar, futuristic mix, this time from Innervision’s Marcus Worgull. In a short timespan Marcus has risen through the DJ ranks, not only in his home country, but internationally as well. On December 7th he will be rocking the house at Time Warp, one of the biggest events in Holland outside the festival season. One to look out for!

But let’s start at the beginning: Marcus Worgull’s parents didn’t have a record collection full of miraculous funk, soul and jazz records, nor did they inspire him to take a musical path from a young age. His passionate love for music he grew all by himself. In cosy Wuppertal, close to Cologne, Marcus dug, explored and hunted for those precious records that would later shape his sound. He spent his lunch and pocket money at a small store named Groove Attack. After having spent his youth there, fate would have it, the store moved to Cologne mutated into a distributor along the way and is now run by Marcus himself.

At around the same time, Marcus snuck into clubs like the Beat Box to hear DJs like Norman Jay or Gilles Peterson. Then it was time he cut his teeth as a DJ himself, starting out at the U-Club, where he took over the “house room”, many times playing from start to finish. Thrilled by all the amazing platters of majestic deep house that were a plenty these days, Marcus’ soft spot for profound, moving house music turned into a real obsession. As it goes with most passions, you cannot get rid of them that easy. So instead of making the rational decision of getting an academic degree, Marcus followed his heart and chose the path of music.

marcus worgull 2

Armed with a vast record collection, he started to go deeper into the production-side of things. Marcus recorded his first 12” for Spectrum Works, followed by the Texel EP including the still massive “Dragon Loop” for Berlin’s Innervisions imprint. Bound to the label of Dixon and Ame on a professional level and even more so on a personal one, he is considered part of their inner circle. On December 16th, Marcus will release another fine EP on the Innervisions imprint, which he produced together with Peter Pardeike. Listen to preview here.

Marcus spends his weekends on making dance floors tremble, like he did at Trouw, Robert Johnson, Fabric, Plastic People and so on. What you can expect from this artist musically is a futuristic take on house music, though never losing sight of the origins, combining then and now into an energetic sound that inevitably pluck at your dance reflexes.

Check out Marcus’ show at one of the BIGgest non-festival events in Holland: Time Warp. With a crossover line up of house and techno, sporting a wash list of amazing names like Loco Dice, Art Department, Oliver Koletzki, Andhim, Subb-An, Pan-Pot, Mano Le Tough, Nick Curly or our own dutch residents duo PONY  (this isn’t even half the line up). If you’re up for it, then make sure to get your tickets while you can. For now, get in shape with this hour-long ride of house eclecticism, made by mr. Worgull himself.


7th of December | 20:00 – 07:00 | Jaarbeurs Utrecht | Time Warp Netherlands | Tickets

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