DHA had the pleasure of hosting numerous great full premieres during 2014 but which ones make the top 10? Look no further, the answer is right here! 

We’re counting down the most played tunes in our full premiere series. Be prepared for a groovy trip down the memory lane.

10. Bambook –  Humble Hearts (Finnebassen Remix)

This remix by Finnebassen of Bambook’s Humble Hearts on Culprit made it right to the number ten spot. Dating back to June, the release is a get together of Scandinavia, the original work being Swedish whilst the remixer comes from Norway.

9. Hold Youth – Kool & The Boug

This chunck of electric piano driven house came out in March and received a lot of well deserved attention. Kool & The Boug is a cut off of Hold Youth‘s seminal LP De La Club. Definitive summer tune!

8. Adana Twins – Drive ft. Khan

Hamburgs very own Adana Twins mark the number eight spot on our list. The Exploited signed duo collaborated with  Khan to bring you this absolute charmer.

7. Alex Barck ft. Stee Downes – Like a Drug (Luis Leon Remix)

Luis Leon‘s twist on the Alex Barck original was one of the first full premieres of the year. This wasn’t the first time one of Luis’ remixes reaches a lot of attention through DHA, and you can bet this will not be the last time either.

6. Urulu – Moon Unit (Original Mix)

Portraying Urulu’s great way of making more with less, this stripped down track really took us into the essence of groove. Released by Let’s Play House, the tune is true to not only the producers style but the soundscapes that the US based label portrays.

5. HVOB – Window (Gui Boratto Remix)

Despite the fact that this full premiere aired only in November, the collaborative measures of HVOB and Gui Boratto proved to cause all the fuss in little time, thus making it all the way to the number five spot. The track is off the Window EP, released by Stil vor Talent.

4. Leftwing & Kody and Kruse & Nuernberg – Turning (Original Mix)

What do you get when you mix a German production duo with a British one? You get a number four spot on our list, that’s what you get. And a banging track also. Turning was released by OFF recordings on their VA compilation celebrating five years in existence.

3. Pillowtalk ft. Thugfucker – Home Sick (Original Mix)

The Crew Love super members from Pillowtalk gave us the opportunity to feature their full premiere as a part of the DGTL festival madness. Featuring the lovely vocal driven take on electronic music that Pillowtalk is known for, Home Sick is a collaboration between Pillowtalk and Thugfucker, another great US act.

2. Edu Imbernon – Fade It All Out (Original Mix)

Our silver place holder of 2014 comes from Spain and goes under the alias Edu Imbernon. Señor Imbernons Fade It All Out was released in July by the Culprit label and received good amounts of attention during the summer.

1. Daniel Bortz – Pictures (Tuff City Kids Remix)

One of the first and few remixes of Daniel Bortz originals, this Tuff City Kids take on Pictures became an instant classic among DJ’s. The repetitive vocal together with the groovy synthlines paint a clear picture of what moved us in 2014. Receiving the most plays of all of DHA’s full premieres in 2014, this tune will far outlive the title year of this post. We couldn’t be happier to see this tune from SUOL on top of our list!