So it’s again our monthly attempt to pull up a lean list of 10 of our favourites that were released last month. I can tell you that it’s the process is as teeth grinding as to pick her two favourites for a mother of five. But hey, the good thing is, autumn is that time of the year when those sofa bumps appear and the record players are the busiest.

You know who’s also been busy? The ten artists, crafting, moulding and polishing their newest singles, EP and LPs. Some already tested on the dancefloors and some just fresh out of the printing house. Thus we’re happy and proud to present and hand you over the ten brilliant October releases we’ve got up our sleeves (there’s always a favourite, no matter what they say).

Marcell Dettmann | DJ-Kicks | !K7 Records

For the release, Berghain’s veteran collected his whole personal music history, representative of Berlin, Berghain and Hard Wax. Expected to hear is “mixture of of all the music that shaped me over the years and of all the things that still move me today, aesthetically and acoustically.” – states Dettmann about the mix.

TÂCHES | Slalom | Desert Hearts Records

TÂCHES continues to explore this new sonic path, evoking images of elaborate fireside rituals in the dead of night with today’s exclusive premiere ‘Slalom,’ a choice cut of serpentine sax riffs, moody percussion, and delicate flutes.

Bwana | Generation Nostalgia | Zukunft Records

If anything, this new work by Bwana can be called, it is a dreamy club banger.

Jimi Jules | Equinox | Zukunft Records

Few weeks ago we have premiered “It’s me, Music” by Zurich’s based Jimi Jules. The track is a taster and a highlight of his new album “Equinox” on Zukunft Records, while the album manifests DJ Caribbean roots, his evident ability to master both trumpet and bass tube. Smooth, jazzy rhythm and a wistful melody that follows is for sure to stay spinning.

Abstraxion | She Thought She Would Last Forever | Biologic Records

‘Spazieren’ is a 10-minute leisurely passage through dystopia that has been crafted with finesse. explorative nature of his second full length album, a journey though landscapes and forests, is on full display.

Chayell | Beach | Isle of Jura

As soon as the rumour (or Shazam numbers) hit the streets that this moistening, slow balearic track is one of the favourites of Harvey himself, shit hit the fan and the reissue of the It’s Never Too Late EP, originally released in 1987, was unavoidable. And we’re happy for that!

Move D | Move D Presents House Grooves Vol. 1 | Misfit Melodies

Another reissue, a real house classic treat of the 1993 by Move D. The EP’s a treat that combines the chunky bassline of “Babyphonk”, swingy synths of “Deep”, a collaboration with Mannheims See-Base. Next to rolling beats and spacey synth melodies of the classic “I gave my love”, followed by it’s impressive breakbeat-house rework by Shan and Gerd Janson.

Michael Mayer | & | K7 Records

Michael Mayer went full boss on this release. He took every single person he would like to do a collaboration with and released an album that constitutes what a synergy means in a sum of different two.

Matteo Luis, Natureboy Gold, Terron, Marlon Hoffstadt | In Reverse Pt.1 | Retrograde

October witnessed another favourite release of ours, collaboration of 4 artists, whose one of the tracks we’ve premiered. The 2000 mg floating marks the fifth release from the Berlin based label, it hosts intergalactic like progressions with a sense of euphoria towards the middle of the track.

Neil Flynn | J.E.N. | Lossless

Celtic influenced work by Mr. Neil Flynn is a mystical beauty, but an even more captivating is the Trikk interpretation, where he slowed “J.E.N.” down to 114BPM and transitioned the track into a percussion driven club banger.