Looking for some special Christmas gift to give to your music-addicted loved one? You can’t go wrong with these records that have just been, or are about to be released this month on vinyl and/or digital. It was a hard pick this month and we had to make some really tough decisions on which releases to have in our top 10 this month.  But in the end, we thought these ones were the most impressive records for December, featuring Carl Craig, Johannes Brecht, Matador Few Nolder among others. Here are our top 10 Releases in December:

#10 HRRSN – Same Freakin Day EP | Klangkultur Schallplatten | December 19 |

Following on from releases on the likes of Noir, Suol and Stil vor Talent Harrison aka HRRSN drops his debut EP for the small and perfectly formed Cologne-based imprint Klangkultur Schallplatten. Utilising his background in Folk, Soul & R&B his original cut is brimming with warm vitality while long-time friend and musical partner-in-crime Marlon Hoffstadt delivers a remix reminiscent of old school Chicago cuts.

For ‘Same Freakin’ Day’ Harrison keeps things cool, calm and collected working soft chords over shifting percussion, the gentle pads and busy atmospherics wash around the stripped back harmonies of the resonating female vox with soothing impact and all in all the Berlin-based producer dishes up smooth slow grooving opener to get things underway.