Which records are worth the money this month? Check out our selection of the top 10 releases in November, featuring great releases by Session Victim, Wolfey, Burnski, Dusky, Weval and many more.

#10 Session Victim – ‘See You When You Get There’ LP | Delusions Of Grandeur | 17-11-2014 |

Hamburg’s Hauke Freer and Matthias Relling aka Session Victim return to Delusions of Grandeur with their second long player, ‘See You When You Get There’. The new album marks a conscious progression in Freer & Relling’s approach, evolving the sample-based production style that’s won them plenty of fans since their emergence in 2008. Whereas their debut album was recorded in the duo’s bedrooms, the new LP instead sees them embracing a full studio set-up, split between their own Hamburg-based studio and the fully-kitted out Room G studio in San Francisco.

Session Victim – Do It Now

#09 Idioma – Pandore | Marketing Music | 07-11-2014 |

French DJ and producer Tim Paris’ Marketing Music Records has picked up on two French siblings turned DJ duo: Idioma. Written in the South of France, the original on the EP was penned almost a year ago. Say the pair, “We loved the idea of keeping a repetitive bass all along the track. We love the work of Arvo Pärt for example, who made some amazing tracks with simple and repetitive musical phrases, it makes you focus on the music and sometimes it’s good to be deeply concentrated on sounds or melodies.“

Remix duties come from Tim Paris himself – a more lively and playful affair with disco drums, shooting space age synths and tons of razzle dazzle – while Ruede Hagelstein steps up with a subtle rework that adds a little more urgency and energy to the supple original.

Idioma – Pandore (Tim Paris Remix)

#08 Wolfey – Habit EP | ASL Singles Club | 18-11-2014 |

Vancouver-based producer Wolfey is back in his game with a fresh release on ASL Singles Club. Habit EP features various raw house tunes to stick your teeth in. Every track on the cut finds a perfect harmony between the use of rough house percussion ingredients and mellow, at times even ambient melodies and synth work.

Wolfey – Bittersweet

#07 Burnski – The Hours EP | Holic Trax | 24-11-2014 |

Following the success of Robert Dietz & Tuccillo’s ‘Kushtraxx’ EP which saw major support from the likes of The Revenge, Doc Martin, DJ Sneak, Matthias Tanzmann & Sebo K the ever-impressive Berlin-based Holic Trax imprint returns this November with UK house stalwart Burnski and four new punchy originals.

Burnski – Visions

#06 Hackman – Carry On EP | 2020Vision | 24-11-2014 |

English producer Ben Hackman, better known to most as simply Hackman has made huge shapes over the past four years since making his debut on RAMP sub-label PTN back in 2010. Ben has since gone on to unveil material through other reputable imprints such as Greco Roman, Well Rounded and Futureboogie Recordings, testament to his striking production skills and contemporary appeal. Here we see Ben push on adding yet another driving force in the industry to his associations, namely 2020Vision, where he’s about to drop a handful of tunes with soft ethereal textures, crisp percussive elements and fervent vocal lines injecting soul and charm into the composition.

Solidifying the strength of this release comes from the hand of Rampa, who dives into ‘The Blue’, laying the focus on a hypnotic, percussive led structure to take the lead, while the dreamy soundscapes and sub bass stabs of the original track are sporadically thrown into the mix.

#05 Aidan Lavelle & Robbie Akbal – Stars EP ft. Shawni | Culprit | 10-11-2014 |

Culprit’s fall/winter season opens with “Stars” – a truly global collaboration of London’sAidan Lavelle, Mexico’s Robbie Akbal and Los Angeles’ own, vocalist Shawni. Remixes come from Objektivity’s André Hommen (Full Premiere) and one of the most prolific producers around, UK’s Inxec.

Aidan Lavelle & Robbie Akbal – Stars ft. Shawni

#04 Tender Games – Lost EP | Suol | 28-11-2014 |

After receiving its radio premiere by Annie Mac and receiving a wave of love all around, ‘Lost’ was bound to become the second single of Tender Games’ self-titled debut album. While their debut single ‘In A Mess’ was more on the experimental side, the duo now present its soulful side on this cut. Starting off with the signature rhodes alongside a soothing first verse, the song transforms into a sexy, highly danceble piece rapidly after the first drop.

To bolster the release, the boys recruited some serious remixers once again. Uk sensation Ben Pearce extends the summer sensations with his playful use of Marimbas, taking the original into club territory and increasing the pace significantly.

#03 Dusky – YooHoo/Akebono EP | 17 Steps | 23-11-2014 |

Following their ‘Love Taking Over EP’, London duo Dusky have announced the second release on their 17 Steps label. Built around a distinctive vocal sample, ‘Yoohoo’ rattles out with tough, techy bass stabs but comes alive with a nostalgic, euphoria-loaded piano house melodies that recall Chicago classics from 88, Sasha at Shelley’s and Raindance at Jenkins Lane – as debuted as Pete Tong’s Essential New Tune last Friday.

Evoking a halcyon era with class and without cliche, ‘Yoohoo’ draws on the duo’s deep love of classic house, rave and techno, and reconstructs it for 2014 in their unique style. It will be backed by the darker, more minimal ‘Akebono’.

top 10 releases in november 1
#02 Weval – Easier EP | Kompakt | 24-11-2014 |

Dutch duo Weval is on a steep rise to fame. After proving their hard work in the studio, they have entered the big league with their debut EP on Kompakt. Easier EP is here to consolidate them on the international stage with four epic cuts that will haunt you long after you’ve left the floor.

Weval – Gimme Some

top 10 releases in november 2

#01 Recondite | Iffy LP | Innervisions | out now |

Everything about Baravria’s Recondite Iffy LP is deliciously ominous and moody. The artwork alone can cause goosebumps, only to be strengthened by what the record actually contains musically. Recondite keeps up his signature minimalistic take on techno and house during the 10 tracks of this third album of his. Stamp The Wax describes it as “a sonic journey inspired by real emotions and experiences. Themes of nostalgia, longing and romanticism are touched on, as well as providing insight into the ‘general uncertainty of being human”.

Recondite – Duolo

top 10 releases in november