By now, you have probably heard of the enigmatic SoundCloud contributor user18081971 one way or the other. There is no doubt anymore that this is the alias of Aphex Twin, who started the SoundCloud account to upload new (or old?) music of his. Most of the uploads are, in proper Aphex Twin fashion, hyper conceptual – sometimes barely listenable. But after browsing through the entire upload catalogue, we have found some incredible gems from the UK master. Old ambient work, spacey acid trips, a remix of a 1988 house track that was uploaded this week and even a disco track (sort of). Oh yeah, and all the tracks are free to download. Dig in! 

#10 | Chink 101 

#09 | Renalgade Sonar

#08 | High Hats Tune Tamclap Orig

#07 | 170’s Tune 

#06 | Dance and Play 

#05 | NY Groove

#04 | Bradley Echoes

#03 | gerald Remix 

#02 | nocares

#01 | Street Side Boyz – I Want To Be With You (Edward “Get Down” Crosby Mix)