More than enough fine cuts dropping in August & September. Check out our selection right here and listen to some of the tunes they’re carrying. Here’s the top 10 upcoming releases by Fur Coat, Qtier, Gardens Of God, Gorgon City, Beesmunt Soundsystem and more..

Top 10 Upcoming Releases 2

1. Fur Coat – U Turn EP | Crosstown Rebels | 25/08/2014 |
Venezuelan producers Fur Coat step up for a grand return to their spiritual home of Crosstown Rebels armed with a solid stack of weapons to vamp up the dancefloor. Showcasing the duo’s most thoughtful and restrained material to date, the ‘U Turn EP’ is a deep and moody tour de force, technically on point and awash with hypnotic bleeps, dramatic tension and  shards of vintage techno.

Fur Coat – U Turn

2. Qtier – Set Me On EP | Fayer | 11/08/2014 |
The debut release on the new Edu Imbernon label, “Fayer”, features Qtier, two London-based electronic musicians who make beautiful, captivating music for the city. Having announced their arrival earlier in 2013 with the massive Still EP, following up with The Cards on Bpitch Control, they return with the mesmerising “Set Me On”. Thus far Set Me On has been featured by the likes of Pigeons & Planes, NME, Hilly Dilly and DIY amongst others, as well as support on BBC Radio 1.Remix duties come from David August, Bambook and Imbernon himself.

Qtier – Set Me On (David August Remix)

3. Gardens of God – Glük EP | Boso | 1o/08/2014 |
The highly talented producer Gardens of God is up next to release on the blossoming Boso imprint of Ten Walls with the epic ‘Glük’. The three track EP takes you on an emotive journey that delves into the deep and dark with luscious pads and powerful melodies creating a vast tapestry of warm rounded sounds to stimulate the senses on the dancefloor.

Gardens Of God – Glük

Top 10 Upcoming Releases 3
4. Ian Pooley – Floris EP | Innervisions | 25/08/2014 |
Ian Pooley back on the acclaimed Berlin label. Actually ‘borrowed’ from Pooled Music, Innervisions couldn’t resist to have it on their label. Hear why:

Ian Pooley – Floris






5. Gorgon City – Unmissable EP | Black Butter | 29/09/2014 |
A glimpse into Gorgon City’s album, ‘Sirens’, full of dancefloor-oriented material as well as complex soundscaping and soul-searching. With remixes by Huxley and DJ Anna.

Gorgon City – Unmissable ft. Zak Abel

6. Kris Davis – Closer EP | Subjekt Recordings | 21/08/2014 |
A mixture of analog and digital sounds give his music a warm feel, engaging the listener into some typical dark storytelling.

Kris Davis – Closer EP

Top 10 Upcoming Releases 1

7. Beesmunt Soundsystem – Body Shape EP | Pets Recordings | 29/09/2014 |
Beesmunt Soundsystem is swiftly becoming a Dutch institution. Their upcoming “Body Shape” speaks with a universal techno tongue; industrial strength beats plough and plunder with clanks and bangs while a dominant detuned synth hammers home an insistent riff that will resonate across the widest realms of house and techno.

Beesmunt Soundsystem – Body Shape

8. Sigward – Black Mambo EP | SoHaSo | 01/09/2014 |
Continuing his ear-tingling strike of releases, Nuno dos Santos is putting Sigward on the stage for the fourth instalment of Something Happening Somewhere. With remixes from Simon Garcia and Scott Fraser based on two originals, the dark has been encapsulated on a record. Melancholic, subdued, tranquillised but packed with energy, there’s something for every dancefloor out there, even if you happen to be a six-fingered DJ.

Sigward – Black Mambo EP (combined snippets)

9. John Talabot & Axel Boman – Sideral | Studio Barnhus | 25/08/2014 |
Sideral is the debut 12” of Talaboman, the super-duo of Hivern Discs’ John Talabot and Studio Barnhus’ Axel Boman. The record is released as a joint venture between the labels and comes with a slow-burning remix by Köln-based producer Matt Karmil as well as a digital only “BCN Version”. The record is dedicated to the legendary DJ Aleix “Sideral” Vergés, who ruled over Barcelona’s underground discotecas during the turn of the millennium and sadly passed away in 2006.

Talaboman – Sideral


10. Du Chatinier – Tony’s Groove Habit EP | Layers Label | 11/08/2014 |
Up and coming DJ and producer Du Chatinier brings the sounds of the summer to Layers Label with his latest EP, ‘Tony’s Groove Habit’. Building from the first beat, Du Chatinier’s ‘Dance P’ gives a latino feel to a classic house groove. With remixes by Echonomist and Wouter de Moor.