What musical goodies can be expected in the next few weeks? Well, a lot. We’ve had to make some tough choices in this selection but eventually we ended up with these favourites, coming from the hands of artists like Solomun, Seb Wildblood, Stefan Z, Gui Boratto and M.in. Here’s our top 10 upcoming releases in July/August.

#10. M.in – To The M.ax LP | Zoo:Technique | 28-07-2014 |

When global house player M.in takes things to the max, fans of his energetic trademark style know what time it is: the lowest bass lines, quirky synth sounds, jackin’ rhythms and heavy percussive drive, fueled with original vocals – for an allover feverish, addictive vibe. While researching on a jazzy tip with his 2011 album, M.in clearly wants to take all his club experience to the max this time around.

M.in – I Don’t Dig Dis (Original Mix)


yousef - top 10 upcoming releases in july/august
#09. Yousef – By The Way You Dance | Circus Recordings | 21-07-2014 |

Circus Recordings brings two 4-track summer EP’s from Circus Recordings boss Yousef, starting with the colourful By The Way You Dance. It’s a collection of genre defying harmonic house, quirky techno and poignant story telling, already tested to great effect in Ibiza this summer. The icing on the cake comes from Hot Creations’ rising star Patrick Topping, who has turned the original For The Terrace into on of his characteristically dirty house bangers.

Yousef – For The Terraces (Patrick Topping Remix)

#08. Seb Wildblood – Come Into My House EP | Church | 11-08-2014 |

With his accomplished Barcelona EP having turned the heads of Seth Troxler, Maya Jane Coles, Ben Pearce and Maribou State among many others, Church head honcho Seb Wildblood returns with a hugely assured EP that matches his nascent label’s promising recent output.

Seb Wildblood – Hunney (Original Mix)

#07. Solomun – Friends | 2DIY4 | 07-07-2014 |

The summer can officially start now with the new Solomun track Friends. An emotional and melodic journey, just made for summer and Open Air feeling. Out on his Diynamic subsidiary 2DIY4.

Solomun – Friends (Original Mix)

#06 Chopstick & Johnjon – Run Slowly EP | Suol | 11-07-2014 |

Suol label bosses Chopstick & Johnjon return with the second single from their recent LP “Twelve”. The album’s opener, “Run Slowly” is an intensely soulful track which bridges the gap between electronic and acoustic instrumentation. Densely layered guitar and string harmonics dovetail alongside Chris James’ mournful vocals to create a rich emotional listening experience, but without sacrificing dancefloor potential.

Chopstick & Johnjon – Run Slowly (Original Mix)

#05. Stefan Z – BLU EP | Subjekt Recordings | 07-07-2014 |

All the way from Vancouver but soon heading over to London where he just got signed to the well-known Jack Mode Agency. His latest release ‘No Words Ep’ for My Favorite Robot made it high into the charts and got supported by the biggest names in the scene. Now, after the great success of Subjekt’s releases by Atapy & Tim Paris, the Amsterdam-based imprint is moving forward with this futurist release by mr. Stefan Z.

Stefan Z – Blu (Original Mix)

luca cazal - top 10 upcoming releases in july/august
#04. Luca Cazal – Mariri EP | Crosstown Rebels | 21-07-2014 |

Luca embarks on a quest of self­discovery with his first solo release on Crosstown Rebels. “I seem to have found myself involved with so many different projects in recent times so with my EP it was liberating to be left to roam free.” Title track Mariri is a voyage of tightly programmed classic tech­house that reaches its apex amongst its echoing eerie vocals. Indeed the vocal started life as a field recording made by Luca in Peru, a constant inspiration in his work. The bare murky beats of the EP’s lead track are remixed by Detroit mainstay Stacey Pullen with further rasps of raw production.

Luca Cazal – Mariri (Original Mix)

#03. Compuphonic – O Cypres EP | Exploited | 28-07-2014 |

Compuphonic aka Maxim Firket is a multifaceted producer and DJ from Liège, Belgium who was raised in classical music. But Maxim did not only grow up to become a skillful violoncellist, but also a producer with a unique approach, blending his various sources of inspiration into one intelligent mix of old-school electro, house and minimal stylings. So far he has released on imprints such as Dirty Dancing, Tiga’s Turbo, Get Physical and Exploited. His ’Radio Atlantis’ release on Exploited got praise all over the place, was big in the Beatport Charts and still is on heavy rotation at Radio Studio Brussel. ’O Cypres’ is his magnificent follow up on Exploited.

Compuphonic – O Cypres (Original Mix)

digiteria favourite addiction artwork - top 10 upcoming releases in july/august
#02. Digiteria feat. Clarian – Favourite Addiciton | Hot Creations | 28-07-2014 |

After producing two of the biggest singles on Hot Creations, Brazilian duo Digitaria are preparing to unleash a full-­length studio album, ‘Night Falls Again’ on Jamie Jones’ imprint HC. ‘Favourite Addiction’ is the first single to drop and features the enigmatic Clarian North for the vocal work. An album stand-out, ‘Favourite Addiction’ has an unbridled energy, cleverly framed by seductive vocals flaunting lyrics that spark with the shimmer of pop but are grounded by the power of raw electro. Hot Creations newcomer Jey Kurmis and industry stalwarts Groove Armada both deliver ace interpretations on a ‘Remix’ and ‘Dub Creation’.

Digitaria Feat. Clarian – Favourite Addiction (Original Mix)

#01 Gui Boratto – Joker EP | Kompakt |  04-08-2014 |

Gui Boratto’s lush soundscapes never fail to impress, as album highlight Joker shows with ease: a masterfully sequenced synth drills into the aether while the soulful piano chords add emotional depth, all propelled by the driving, unforgiving percussion. A true prime time banger, this cut got into the right hands with remixers Dave DK and Kompakt label head Michael Mayer: both have proven their deep understanding of melodic techno time and time again, delivering two splendid revamps that wrap up the Joker Remixes in an alluring manner.