Which records from this month are worth your money? Here are our top 10 releases in March for you, including new records from Satori, Ellen Allien, Recondite and Good Guy Mikesh, as well as a must-have compilation of the work of DMX Krew. 

#10 Just Her ft. Kieran Fowkes – Let Myself Go EP | Constant Circles

For the 7th instalment on the Constant Circles imprint, Kieran Fowkes hops in the studio again for Let Myself Go, a warm, deep affair with a focus on the excellent vocal work by Fowkes.

#09 Ed Davenport – Silver Walks EP | Maeve

For Mano Le Tough’s Maeve label’s eighth outing it has enlisted the talents of long time friend Ed Davenport. The record grew from a chance hearing of some new material at Ed’s studio one night and after a brief discussion it was decided that the tracks would find a fitting home at Maeve.

Although recently more known for his harder techno releases under the moniker Inland, Silver Walks is some what a return to Ed’s roots. Slower, emotive, more contemplative tracks, recorded over a pretty short period of focused studio time.

#08 Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald Present Borderland – Riod | Tresor

“Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald – the two indispensable protagonists of the Electric Garden – plug back into the wilderness. “Transport’ – the new full length effort of the Borderland collaborative project – brings together a new set of studio-refined sequences aimed at colonizing some of the dark energy that pulsates through those areas that are thoroughly electrified, even if not ‘on the grid’. ‘Riod’ is the first streak to bolt through” – Text by RH

#07 Few Nolder – One EP | Needwant

Needwant welcomes Lithuanian artist Few Nolder, who already surprised us from the first moment we heard him on our premiere series a few years back  who serves up three big club tracks and a fine remix from Hommage and Kompakt artist Karl Friedrich.

#06 DMX Krew – 1995-2015 Comp. | Fundamental Records

Madrid-based electro enthusiasts, Fundamental Records have presented a much-welcomed surprise in the form of a stellar compilation reprise of the last two decades of Ed DMX, aka DMX Krew. Taking his illustrious discography and creating a 12×12″ product presented in an old school record shop bag, to celebrate 20 years of putting out some excellent slabs of wax. Rarities, extended dub mixes, and of course remixes by Aphex Twin, Cyclob, Lotek Style, Aux 88, Di’Jital, Jodey Kendrick and Brian Ellis. A must have for all post-disco, electro and italo zealots.