This October, fitness club brand TrainMore becomes the first of its kind in The Netherlands, enhancing the workout experience by way of branded music.

Curated by DHA’s Editor in Chief Steve Rickinson, and presented by Amsterdam’s own, the new playlists will allow members to work out in a club-like atmosphere, kicking off increased energy and motivation in a fun and colorful environment. With the ever present connection between music and sports, scientific focus is increasingly being put on their relationship’s affect on dopamine levels, muscle power, and improved overall control. With the 3 diverse styles of music presented, each day at TrainMore will offer a diverse selection of sounds put together with the personal touch of hands on curation, to get everyone in the proper mindset for maximum results.

Across each day, hip hop, downtempo, and driving deep house will come via the latest tracks, classics and full length mixes, presented in a rotating festival-like way….and with our interaction with music, day in and day out, who better to jump on board for this exciting new venture than us (and maybe it will motivate us to get back in shape too ;). Clubs are located all over Amsterdam, and The Netherlands, so if you’re a follower of ours and a fan of fitness, what better place to go than TrainMore.

You can tune in to the sounds of TrainMore anywhere via the TrainMore App or at the link below.

TrainMore TrainMore Page

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