Tresor founder Dimitri Hegemann is getting a step closer to opening an industrial style nightspot in Detroit.

Once considering the Motor City’s Fischer Body Plant No. 21, the potential of a recent partnership with Arte Express could turn sites to the abandoned Packard Plant instead. As Arte Express founder Fernando Palazuelo also owns the Packard Plant, Detroit Free Press reports.

Of course such an endeavor would take quite some time to come to realization as, at this moment and pending the proposal of a 12-year freeze on the site’s current levels of property taxes is approved by the city council. Over the course of 10-15 years, the site would be redeveloped into office, cultural, and entertainment spaces, as the once thriving US metropolis continues to rebuild.

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On the proposal, Arte Express stated that the potential nightclub could bring, “a lot of young people from Berlin who are extremely interested in Detroit. Berlin, of all the cities I’ve been in, loves Detroit more than any other city.”

Oh, and in case you’re from Michigan, Hegemann is actively pursuing a special designation allowing alcohol to be served past the state’s 2am cut off time.