Let’s face it, along with the music, production plays a huge role in why we all like this sensory experience we call dance music.

From LEDs to screens to strobes and beyond, all elements of the club and festival are meant to work on synergy, creating an experience. Personally, a good laser show has always been a selling point when it comes to A/V. I couldn’t tell you why, but the thin and consistent beam of powerful light cutting through the darkness has always felt like a must have for production.

I guess Wicked Lasers feels the same way and has created a compact and affordable laser light system for the home or…anywhere really. The LaserDock features 100 visualizations, each featuring low latency for perfect musical sync. The device, which combines software and hardware can also be attached to several third party apps for customizable laser shows, while also coming with Laser Tunes, a music discovery app that play pre programmed laser and music shows.

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