The start to 2017 has been a rocky one. It has been filled with doubt and uncertainty.

In our own community the year began with a shocking and tragic shooting at the Blue Parrot in Mexico during the final moments of The BPM Festival. That coupled with mounting tensions in the US and abroad throughout the inauguration of President Trump have many people feeling wary and afraid. Still, the dance music community finds its way to come together and celebrate life, opportunity for change, acceptance, and transcendence through music. This Saturday was a day I will never forget as a member of the dance music community in Los Angeles. First, many men and woman marched in the Women’s March on Washington. 750,000 of us took to the streets of Los Angeles and stood up for our rights to be treated equally. Then, for those of us who are invested in dance music culture we came out again in the nighttime hours to see the MoodRAW show presented by Insomniac at their new Factory 93 concept in downtown LA, hosted by the one and only Nicole Moudaber. These two events happening on the same day created a vibe of pure positivity that was infectious and empowering.

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Upon arriving at the venue the delicious and delicate techno was thrumming out into the alley. There was a Queen waiting at the entrance to take our names. She was wearing the most fabulous and androgynous get up I have seen: a fishnet top revealing a masculine chest with a hood which covered her eyes and where her eyes would be she had sewn on large eyes that looked exotically cartoonish. The energy in the air was fierce, feminine, and inclusive. At a time full of so much uncertainty seeing her and feeling the glamorous energy she invoked, I was immediately transported back to the roots of house music. This, I believe, is at the heart of Insomniac’s Factory 93 concept. It is about more than just the music: it is about being a member of an all inclusive community which allows one to be his/herself no matter what is being reflected in the outside world.

Nicole Moudaber was thrilling. Her set rose and fell effortlessly and kept us entranced and renewed. Even after a night of hard dancing I woke up rejuvenated on Sunday. Her set transported me and allowed me to see beyond the stuck feeling of today through that transcendental space I found more hope for tomorrow. Factory 93 was a perfectly curated warehouse party. There was minimal lighting, as promised; but, just enough to mix with the music and remind you that Insomniac was throwing this party. There were ample restrooms and the line was quick and efficient. Not once did I feel unsafe or overcrowded. The atmosphere of the venue properly reflected Nicole’s set as it brightened and darkened according to her mixing.

Insomniac may be known for their large scale festivals; but, with the addition of these smaller local parties Insomniac continues to stand out as a home base for dance community members of all genres, not just the MainStage typical music we associate with Electric Daisy Carnival and other massives they throw. Next up for Factory 93 will be a rare Pryda club set by Eric Pydz on April 8, 2017. This is the perfect venue for a melodic and progressive Pryda set; if it is anything like the Cirez D set he delivered at Lot 613 about a year ago it will certainly be one for the books. Tickets go on sale this Friday, January 27th, at 12pm PST. Make sure to get them while you can, Prydz fans are notorious for buying tickets as soon as they go up— and in a venue like this it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

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Photo Credits: Jake West for Insomniac