The underground dance music community has something to say about the outcome of the US Elections and believe us, it’s not going to be nice.

What a night, what an outcome! Even if the full results are not out yet, the mouth is choking to say that name next to the “The Next President of the United States”. So while the world is in a shock awe, just like after Brexit, all we are left with is to speculate, whether Trump victory brings the end to the American hegemony, would bring politics back to the basics, as the modern thinker and philosopher Slavoj Zizek speculated.

It’s no secret the core values of free choice, inclusivity and openness of underground music are left-wing leaning, but when it comes to this years Republican candidate, they roll entirely against all his sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, narcissistic attitudes Donald Trump represents. Thus when it comes to today’s Social Media of the underground community, it went full on:

Some, however, expressed their belief in the escape and refuge:

[considering your background, it’s a pity Ida…See also: The Most Politically Active Artists In Dance Music

But we’re hopeful that the attitude of not stopping the fight will prevail:

To end this with a high note, it’s best to quote international publishing author, social activist and the ultimate modern of corporate globalization and of corporate capitalism, Naomi Klein: