We all know that the global dance music scene is exactly that, global.  With this interconnectivity, issues of diversity, acceptance, and change have become pillars of its mantra.  Despite this however, there has been little acknowledgement in the power of dance by societies “higher ups”…until now!

Honouring Belgium’s massive Tomorrowland festival, United Nations Secretary General Bam Ki-Moon remarked on the true power of global dance music, as well as its positioning within a wider cultural dialogue; one meant for a world of togetherness (no pun intended) and universal acceptance.

…the Tomorrowland festival in general – symbolises some of the core values the United Nations strives to uphold every day around the world: dignity, respect, diversity and solidarity,” Ki-Moon explained. “It is exciting to think that two months from now, nearly 200,000 young people and music fans from almost every country in the world will come together at the Tomorrowland festival to celebrate life through the unifying force of music.”

The UNSG’s lasting message was one engraved onto Arne Quinze‘s One World Bridge, an art installation featuring over 200K personalised messages from the International attendees of Tomorrowland.  It reads,“Let’s work as one towards dignity for all.

What is refreshing in this news is not only the public acknowledgement of dance music as a driving force for good, but also the overt call to participation of the scene’s youth driven movement.  It is, after all, the public service of the world’s young people that drives any movement of note.

Check out some news coverage of the event, courtesy of VTM News (in Dutch)

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Source: Billboard