On Saturday September 29th we arrived in London to join Santé and Sidney Charles on that weekend’s mini-tour.

The starting point was Kent’s The Social Festival, an event we’ve always wanted to check out. With a star studded line up awaiting us, we left with full excitement. When we arrived, we ran into the boys directly, as if they knew we were coming; both smiling from ear to ear, excited for their sets as always. The stage was a Caravan surrounded by trees, creating a very intimate setting and the boys had it going. Then, Emanuel Satie decides to jump in the Caravan to say hello, which he did in his own special way and now gets named Emanuel Fartie. And damn that was smelly, especially being in the inside of a small Caravan with 4 people. Emanuel had only admit it right before we left the festival terrain to jump on a jet to go to Elrow in Rotterdam where both Santé and Sidney Charles had to play again that night. It was a tight schedule with them closing at The Social and playing again in Rotterdam 3 hours later, so the only option to get there in time would be a private jet.

We were quite excited about it and never been on one before. You start imagining how it would be like, with champagne caviar and all of that? And although there was champagne, the best thing about being on a jet must be how easy you can just hop on. No passport control, no luggage check, just a confirmation of your booking and counting heads. It was that easy. The flight itself was relaxed, although the noise was quite excessive, you are on a fucking plane by yourself basically. 45 minutes later we landed in Rotterdam, walking out of the airport to our pick up just like that. The entire way we’ve been cracking jokes and it didn’t stop until the last second of the trip, especially because I was given an e-cigarette, only to find out it had hash oil inside. Something I wasn’t prepared for as I never smoke weed or hash, and damn it was strong. To follow the boys on camera got a whole lot more interesting with me being high as fuck. I believe I played with a Banana for about 20 minutes and some pretty hilarious conversations happened. All in all a hell of a trip and killer sets by both Sante and Sidney Charles at both events. Definitely something that begs to be repeated.

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