Live Nation, the evil corporate empire behind some (most) of the US biggest events,has teamed up with a company known for facilitating airport security checks in an attempt to further control attendees.

IdentoGo, the company that provides the necessary tools to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), will also provide the tools to Live Nation for a festival and event pre check program. Simply enough, one can pay $85 for a 5 year membership, prove your US citizenship, go through the Live Nation security pre screening and, once at the venue, can expedite entry through special entrance gates without removing articles of clothing, opening bags or checking devices (a light physical screening is still said to take place).

Already being testes in markets like New York and Las Vegas, but has yet to be tested on a truly large scale. Obviously, not any old person will be accepted through the screening procedure as their will be similar (if not, the same) rules as airport security. Also, valid ID must be present at all times to ensure you are who your travelers number says you are.

I don’t know about this though. Yes, festival entrance has a tendency to be a clusterfuck but what about other issues of concern like surveillance and data collection. Who will have access to your data (like birth certificate or drivers license)? Who is able to see where you’re going and what your interests are? Who can wonder why you feel you need pre screening services in the first place? All valid concerns in the age of the surveillance state. Besides, when its comes to corporate protocol, caution is the best strategy.