What do you get when you put a couple of household names in the Dutch scene, each with their own unique personality, in the studio together and record the result? Apparently a lot of funny and interesting video footage, and hopefully a new release as well. Meet Before.Now.After (BNA), aka Arjuna Schiks, Miss Melera, Olivier Weiter and Eelke Kleijn, four Amsterdam familiars that have decided to join forces for a DJ/producer collaboration and reach new musical highlights as a team.

As of today, the first episode of ‘Before.Now.After The Series’ can be watched on YouTube. Follow the newly established DJ collective on the road to their first release and their co-hosted event during NYE.

In six short episodes we follow the four artists in all their activities around Before.Now.After. From fooling around during studio sessions, to fine-tuning their track. From buying a ‘broodje kroket’, to giving a group interview, which doesn’t always run as smooth as you’d expect. From making silly jokes backstage, to musical highlights during some cool parties. You can also listen to their weekly radio show from now on, which airs every Saturday on SLAM! FM.

Before. Now. After – The Series is made in collaboration with Makers Republic

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