The video for Jonas Saalbachs title track of his upcoming ‘Hyperiider EP’ features the artist himself and visualises the production behind the track. It is a blend between the art of producing a club anthem and street art.

Known from his recent output on labels like Einmusika, Save Us and Crossfrontier Audio, Jonas Saalbach is one to establish himself in the scene in 2015. Now it is time to welcome him to Moodmusic with the release of his ‘Hyperiider EP’. His debut EP on the label is melodic and narrative, and yet still designed for the club. Release date is April 20th and it got early support from Fur CoatKikiAndre CromWehbbaGab RhomeJust HerTom PetersPiekAndrea Ljekaj and many more.

The video for the track is directed by Hrvoje Slebur, who has earlier done videos for Cosmic Cowboys, and the video features Jonas himself. It illustrates the making of a track in a simplified way. You can see the timeline of a track and how the different instruments, effects, vocals and everything else come into place. Fittingly it is the talented musician himself who puts everything together. Just as he did with the dazzling track.

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