After the success of Ost & Kjex’s new album “Freedom Wig” on Diynamic, the prominent house label has revisited it with the help of some talented remix artists. Rampa, Christian Löffler, Johannes Brecht and label head Solomun all turn out their own version of the originals and the results are sure to be played and danced to far and wide this summer. 

To add to the momentum, Ost & Kjex have just released a video of one of the album’s finest tracks: ‘Honky Tonk’. At first blissful, then brooding, this three minute slice of musical mastery still gives us the chills. Now with the brand new video, directed by Eivind Landsvik, the track gets a new dimension altogether with the help of the mysterious leading lady who wants to tell us something – but what is it?

Director: Eivind Landsvik
Cinematographer: Andreas Bjørseth
Colorist: Julien Alary
Editor: Eivind Landsvik
Produced by: Bulldozer Film
Executive producer: Christian Holm Glad