With little more than a week to go, the inaugural festival in paradise, Vujaday Music Festival, is officially imminent.

The event, which takes place at venues throughout the Caribbean island, will being the likes of Behrouz, Cassy, DJ Tennis, Lee Burridge, Peggy Gou, Wolf + Lamb, and more to its five incredible (public) venues (word is, there may be a secret, mid-island venue as well). With four on the island’s West, and one on its East side, Vujaday Music Festival is truly utilizing the destination aspect of its event with an entire island’s worth of discovery potential.

The diverse venue offerings include the Browne’s Beach, all hours hangout spot that is Pirate’s Cove, the open air beach bar & grill Copacabana, the luxurious and historic Bellevue Plantation, the Rockley Beach set The Tiki Bar, and the luxurious Cornwall House, set between the dramatic Bathsheba coastline and undulating hills that slope down to the ocean.

Find all the information on Vujaday Music Festival and its remaining tickets below.

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4 – 8 April | Vujaday Music Festival | Tickets | Barbados

Featured Image: Copacabana