UK based DJ and producer wAFF provides us with yet another undeniably brilliant mix, exemplifying his musical talents way beyond his years.

Only in his mid twenties wAFF exudes musical talent that many spend years trying to achieve. With a diverse and dynamic DJ’ing career under his belt, it is this combined with his unique and superior affinity with music production software that places him at the forefront on the house and techno hierarchy.

Being blessed with a compelling history within the creative industry, it is maybe his experience in dance and acting that means self expression comes so naturally to him. Formerly launching himself into the indie scene before refining his taste, it is these key aspects of his involvement within the creative industry that makes him the influential producer and DJ he is today.

As a co-founder of the long established club night Koala, wAFF enjoys staying close to his roots and making regular appearances in the north of the UK. The artist should take great pride in sell out shows at locations such as the world renowned Warehouse Project and other northern venues like Mint Warehouse.

Having releases on prestigious labels such as Hot Creations (this past 30 September, wAFF released his latest EP on the label, coming in the form of “Sick Pleasure”).and Cocoon Recordings, it comes as no surprise that wAFF is favoured by the likes of Jamie Jones & Richie Ahmed. wAFF also comes as no stranger in sharing deck-space in prime locations like DC10, and gracing the stage of Space in the sad few remaining months the club had left.

wAFF takes the stage for ADE as part of the sold out DGTL X Paradise event. Ahead of that special night, he has put together this very special two hour mix.

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