Now this looks like something that could turn out to be very interesting for the dance scene. There are a few companies that implemented the latest in subwoofer technology into a wearable device that can be either used as a listener in a club or at home for the ‘ultimate music experience’, or as a producer in the studio or in your bedroom to see whether the lowend of your mix is on point, without having to disturb the neighbours.

One of those companies is bassAware, who are now testing out their wearable subwoofer, which is aptly named “Drop”. You simply put it on like you would a backpack, and when combined with a headphone, you can enjoy music to the fullest. As the bassAware website says: “Everywhere you go – you’ll feel that visceral punch like you’re in the club or in front of a giant stack of speakers.”

The technology behind this inventive new creation by the startup company is explained as follows: “The device uses a tactile transducer placed on your upper back – this is a special type of audio driver creating vibration rather than sound.” This results in only the carrier of Drop being able to perceive the bass, and no one else.

Another company which is putting itself on this new market of wearable bass systems is Subpac. Subpac describes itself as “patent-pending tactile audio technology“. Next to a heightened personal music listening experience, much like bassAware, The Subpac markets itself for DJs and producers who seek “proper monitoring of low frequencies” and to “more accurately feel difference between bass, kick and sub-bass”, and to experience your track/mix as if it were being played on a club system. Subpac underlines the importance of the system’s ability to only make the user himself hear the wearable soundsystem, and not being perceptible to anybody else, making it possible to produce all through the night without noise complaints, as well preserving your hearing as there is supposedly no need to crank your system up after a long session that usually results in some form of ear-fatigue. If you want to learn more about either of the two systems, check out the buttons below.

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