Make music that sounds awesome “at any speed”.

That is the motto from Google Maps co-creator Lars Rasmussen‘s latest interactive music production format, Weav.  Allowing musicians to manipulate tempo without affecting track quality, “artists can specify how the track should change and develop as the tempo is increased or decreased, opening up tremendous new creative possibilities,” says the project’s website. “The artist controls the composition, changing the experience depending on the playback speed chosen by the listener.

The premise is simple: when a track’s tempo is manipulated by a listener, it inevitably becomes distorted. By affecting the BPM, a track’s original form becomes warped – not least which can be heard on vocals.

The Weav solution bases itself around asking musicians to record different elements (stems) of a track suitable to be played at different speeds, leaving the listener able to move the BPM up and down while receiving an audio blend that is always pleasing to the ear.

A possible application for Weav include linking it to an exercise app that could respond to the body’s heart rate with an appropriate song tempo.  “This is an exciting opportunity for musicians and listeners to experience music in a new way,” said Elomeda Visviki,  the apps co creator says.

You can sign up for the Weav betaHERE

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