Editor’s Note:  We acknowledge the tragic events that occurred on The BPM Festival’s final day. The decision to continue posting on our own experiences at the festival, which were overwhelmingly positive, was one carefully considered. In the end, we felt it the right thing to do, especially given their positive nature.

It all starts at the Knee Deep in Sound showcase at Martina Beach Club, we arrive early and so does the crowd! Unfortunately, Hot Since 82 can’t make it, but he is replaced by super Dan Ghenacia who provides a massive performance. Later in the afternoon we see Dennis Ferrer who is behind the decks for the Pacha Insane & Fact at Wah Wah Beach Bar, we stay until the end for an emotional closing, the New Yorker doesn’t disappoint.

The next day, Saturday, we go the Deeperfect showcase at Wah Wah Beach Bar, the label boss Stefano Noferini is showing his love for music and we are lucky enough to run into UNER who is playing that day as well. He shares with us his thoughts on various topics including the EDM crowds in contrast with the underground crowds:

“First time I played at Ultra, they came to me to say thank you, we came for the EDM but now we embrace your music. It is super cool to play at Tulum but you have to take risks and show the other crowds what is underground, because if you show what is underground to underground people it is super easy. I want to take risks, I want to take people to the underground and if you want to take them, you have to go completely to the other side… “

We decide to start our pre game festivities at La Santanera for the Superfreq showcase with David Scuba, Nitin and DJ T., the venue is cozy and warm, the vibe is perfect for us. We extend our Saturday party to Mixmag Pres. Ya’ah Muul with Carl Cox in a 2nd year venue called “The Jungle” where we have the times of our life and go finally home safe late in the morning .

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Sunday is the day when we try to do some damage control but with Crew Love & Suara coming up, our legs start to feel just a little heavy so we decide to start by attending the press conference for a global announcement! We find out The BPM Festival is launching a new festival in Brazil and Portugal. We caught up with The BPM Festival co-founder Craig Pettigrew to have his take on what it’s like to book so many DJs for a massive festival and who would be the TOP 3 artists for him this year:

“We book a lot of DJs, the music we like is still up and coming. We have invested a lot of time and energy for what we believe are real Djs. What I mean by “a real Dj” is someone who can play for multiple hours, not just one style. Danny Tenaglia, has always been my favorite DJ because I heard him play for 20 hours. This year we decided to give back that art of Djing, we’re doing that thing called Solamente with the Martinez Brothers and they’re going to play from open to close. I feel that people need that again. I am super excited about their shows.”

Lauren Lane next to him whispers at his ear and then he goes:

“Oh yes that’s right, Chaim! One of the Rumors artists. So talented! That’s the best thing about booking so many artists, I always want to discover talents. When I first booked Art Department, nobody had heard of them! Johnny white was here playing with his shirt off; I think he got his first out of town gig because he played here. Always super talented but not famous, for me what is that matters the most? Fame matters? Sell tickets…or fame matters. We have this opportunity to do both.”

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Photo Credits: aLIVE Coverage for TheBPMFestival.com